Ordering App

The Ordering App is a quite simple process, the idea behind this is simply the front of house staff being able to Order items from their selected tablets and once the order is placed it will then be sent to the kitchen.

We also offer in addition to this the ability to later upgrade to the Order & Pay app the process of this upgrade will take a little longer than the setup of the Ordering App but in addition to the features listed below allows customers to order via your app and/or website.

The setup process of the Ordering App involves a meeting to discuss your requirements, which would include how many tablets would be needed, and checking the stability of your existing internet connection. We will also discuss any additional features you would require. We will then agree upon a set setup fee, which would include the tablets if needed. We will come and install them and give you our app prototype to use whilst we are building your app, this will give you 7 days free access to the apps features to test it within your establishment once the 7 days are up we will have your app ready to use. Once your app has been installed we will arrange a meeting to discuss any further changes and to provide staff training on the app use.

Features Offered

The features that the ordering app offers are as follows:

  • Add, Remove, Edit and Delete products – Especially effective if the establishment plans on changing the items on the menu on a regular basis. This also allows the ability to mark products as ‘Out of Stock’
  • Track & Trace – The app allows you to enter customer details to allow for easy track and trace. This feature is entirely optional and not a necessity to use in case the establishment already has this in place.
  • Individual Log In features for staff, this allows the ability to pin point which member of staff made a specific order.
  • Adding Item asks for GF and DF items – This allows the front of house team to be able to filter out and show only Gluten or Dairy free products, allowing for a more simplistic situation when trying to find these allergy specific items.
  • Search capabilities – Front of House staff can easily search for products this helps to save time if the menu is large and they are trying to find a specific product.
  • A fully updating online menu – We also offer the addition to have a menu that fully updates in real-time from the app, this means if you want to regularly update the menu you only have to do so in one place.
  • Order Storage – Previous orders can be stored in a web page on our site, this helps to retrieve any information from previous shifts that you may need.
  • Ability to add Wait – The chefs have the ability to add a wait to food time, this when active will display on the other tablets so that Front of House are aware of the wait.
  • Order Sound – A sound is displayed when an order appears, this sound can also be altered and changed through the Settings to keep things fresh.

It is worth noting that even though the features above are what we currently offer, we are constantly updating our product to give the best experience possible. It is also worth noting that the features listed above are not requirements and can be asked to be added or removed including other suggested addons that you may have.

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