Background Context

Founded in 2020, the idea of Go Serv stemmed during the Coronavirus Lockdown, working as a chef at the time I thought about going back and how the Restaurant I am working in would be able to help customers & staff feel comfortable enough to return, in addition I also thought about how I could make working life more efficient. Then came months of developing Go Serv, which now is a fully functional ordering system.

Where I worked at the time, they were using a simple written ticket system which caused issues, for instance losing tickets, incorrect orders written, no times on tickets, falsely added up items & even simply sometimes the handwriting being impossible to decrypt. This is now all in the past, Go Serv has been successfully trialled throughout the last few months which is why I have decided to branch out to other areas within the hospitality industry to offer my services to make their lives easier and more efficient.

An Insight into Go Serv

GoServ is a service that will provide you with your own fully customised application to help increase efficiency within your workplace, We can tailor the app to suit your requirements and needs.

We will organise a meeting to discuss your requirements as well as any tablets you may need and check your internet connection to make sure that the app will run smoothly, once a price for the setup is agreed upon we will order everything required and come in and install the tablets with the required software and provide staff training. You will then be given a FREE 7 days to test the prototype this is just to check that you’re happy. We will then come back in for a further consultation to discuss further features you may require we will then agree a monthly fee and in the coming days we will produce your final application.

“GO SERV has helped our customers to feel safe when eating out at our establishment, it has also helped to increase the efficiency within the workplace as well as keep our staff safe.”

Lorna K

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